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Property Damage Appraisers, Inc. (PDA) is an independent damage appraisal firm, offering accurate estimates at an industry-leading speed. Through our national team of more than 650 local appraisers, we complete over 400,000 appraisals and lease turn-in inspections a year for auto, over-the-road truck, specialty equipment, RV, boat, motorcycle and property damage.


Our cycle times average less than two days for auto estimates.*


We're guided by proven processes, ensuring our results are repeatable and reliable.


We complete appraisals thoroughly to get the job done right the first time.

We use the latest technologies to complete inspections. And we work alongside our client partners, their customers, and the organizations and people in between to ensure that processes are seamless.

It’s all done to help our clients close claims faster and reduce downtime.

PDA first opened its doors in 1963. Our corporate headquarters are in Fort Worth, Texas.

*Cycle time claims are based on the monthly average of estimate cycle times across all PDA offices, calculated in business days.

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